Data Incident Management Program®

Conformance Technologies’ Data Incident Management Program is a comprehensive suite of services that provides expert assistance to merchants in the event of a data breach incident, saving them time and money while giving them peace of mind.

Conformance Technologies’ Data Incident Management Program includes:

DATA INCIDENT FORENSIC SERVICES: Full forensic investigation, review and incident reporting by a nationally recognized breach investigative firm upon requirement by ANY regulator. Includes the standard forensic incident assessment typically mandated by the card brands, comprising investigation, report generation and client review. Rectification services are not included. ($12,000 value)

EMV POS EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT: Provides up to $1,500 of EMV-compatible POS equipment or software per merchant (MID). A merchant must be formally advised or required to replace existing equipment or software by a regulatory agency, card brand or forensic investigation. New equipment or software is delivered directly to the merchant. ($1,500 value)

LEGAL SERVICES: Up to $10,000 in legal services are available from a nationally recognized law firm specializing in data loss and compromise situations. A 20 percent discount from standard firm fees is available for incidents requiring greater than $10,000 in legal services. ($10,000 value)

DATA INCIDENT NOTIFICATION SERVICES: This legal service is delivered by a legal team specializing in privacy matters. The team determines if and when a data compromise incident should be reported to regulating bodies, and then completes the notification process. When incident evaluation concludes authority notification is required, customized reporting to the proper federal, state and local entities that require such incident reports are created and delivered in the specific formats required by these agencies, within the time frames these organizations mandate. All notifications are reviewed by a lawyer and are presented for merchant approval prior to submission to the various regulatory entities. ($12,000 value) 

CONSUMER NOTIFICATION SERVICES: In the event of a data breach incident requiring consumer notification, the affected merchant will provide a comprehensive mailing contact list. A notification will be prepared and distributed to consumers and/or customers affected. Copywriting and fulfillment coordination services are included. Any printing, mailing, postage costs, email electronic delivery costs, etc. are additional. ($12,000 value)

DATA INCIDENT PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR) MANAGEMENT: A national caliber PR firm creates internal messaging and communications that inform company management and staff about a data incident, as well as external messaging designed for end-users such as consumers and customers. Additionally, if required, the PR firm will create and distribute an incident press release. Services include interviews, copywriting and design of communications and provision in appropriate format(s) for end-user distribution. Any printing or press release distribution services are additional. ($12,000 value)